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We are excited to announce that LifeMark has hired a Doctor of Nursing Practice to compliment the services we provide our clients. Beginning in February, she will be available to manage medications and provide a holistic approach to your medical, mental, emotional, and behavioral needs. She will not be a replacement for your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or your LifeMark therapist. She will be working in conjunction with your therapist to provide support for overall wellness. 

This is an exciting development for LifeMark, and we believe that you will enjoy and benefit from working with her. Please let us know when we can schedule you for an appointment with our new provider regarding the services above. 


"I found the grief group sessions to be a blessing as they helped me to be ok with experiencing the various stages of grief and different manifestations of each. Additionally, the sharing among the participants was very beneficial. I would highly recommend the sessions to others going through the journey of grief."

A Grief Group Participant

"As a Veteran, my experience with LifeMark has been pleasant, productive and profound. The staff has been accommodating in responding to my specific needs. In many respects, they have become an important part of my life."

A Local Veteran

"LifeMark has transformed our family's life."

A Participant of Family Counseling

Are you ready to start living your life to its fullest potential?  It's time to take back control of your direction, start fresh, set realistic goals, and begin living life with purpose!

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